We are striving to establish state, national, and global giving programs that will provide financial support on a wide scale to those with hearing loss or to organizations that support the deaf and hard of hearing. This includes charities, non-profit organizations, government programs, and passionate innovative groups looking to make transformative changes within their communities.

What does it take to Get Funded?

We engage in funding opportunities that align with The Smile and Nod Project’s pillars: inclusiveness, compassion, and synergetic existence. Our mission is to open up new sources of potential funding to individuals and organizations alike, of which have a singular motivation; to alleviate the challenges expressed within the Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing community. Whether it be a small grant to fund a group of like-minded individuals looking to launch an innovative idea, a large grant to help fund a non-profit organization’s project or a personal grant to aid an individual seeking sign language classes, speech classes, or hearing devices – we are here to help.

The Who, What, How, & Why?

Who or what is at the pinnacle of your request for funding and how will this assistance help impact your life or the life of those involved in your organization? Keep these concepts in mind when filling out your application and preparing your video submission. Tell us your story, we want to know your WHY – which helps us define exactly HOW we can help.

Video Submission

Submitting a video allows us to really gain a full understanding of who you are, the extent of your need and the impact it will make, not only for you but those around you. Please download the PDF application which highlights questions that should be answered within the submission.

Before you begin filming be sure to follow the guidelines below:

· Your submission should be between a minute to a minute in a half in length

· CONTENT (while it’s important to answer our questions - be creative and have fun with this! Let your personality shine through. If there is something you’d like us to know that we haven’t asked, tell us!

· When you are ready to go, have someone else read/sign you these questions.

· Have a friend or a relative film you, it will make the quality of your tape!

· The video you send can be in DVD or USB format.

· The room you’re filming in should be well lit to avoid shadows. If you are signing we need to be able to see your hands.

· Be aware of any background noises and eliminate them as best as possible. We need to be able to hear you if you are speaking.

· If you are using a cell phone camera be sure to record holding the phone sideways so the video is in landscape format, not portrait.