The Smile and Nod Project

The Smile and Nod Project

The Smile and Nod Project

50% of Profits are Donated : Worldwide Hearing Health Grants

You know when you can look right at a person, smile and nod as they talk, but not hear a single word they said?

We do.

In a world that longs for better communication and more empathy, we have created

The Smile & Nod Project

50% of Profits Go Towards Spreading Awareness and Our Mission

Spencer Kontnik

Cheeseburger lova. Football fanatic. Freakishly good juggler.

Crystal Vaccaro

Cat obsessed. Pigeon sign enthusiast. Dreadful karaoke singer.

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Meg Tufo

Stuff and things.

Whats Your Project?

We would like to play an active role in contributing whatever might be needed to provide significant improvement to better communication within our world. We are seeking out qualified candidates and organizations to empower financially as it relates to improving understanding and functioning in everyday environments for better communication. Whether that be cochlear implants, hearing aids, or speech/ASL classes. Join us on our journey as we create and promote communication equality. Help us fund the right to understand and be understood.