Why We Do

You know when you can look right at a person, smile and nod as they talk, but not hear a single word they said?


We do.

In a world that longs for better communication and more empathy, we have created

The Smile and Nod Project.


Our Goal:

To establish a nondiscriminatory community between the hearing, deaf, and those who fall between the wide spectrum of hearing loss. To generate an inclusive, compassionate, and synergetic existence between all peoples. To not only create but promote awareness through funding projects and community events that assist in expanding the minds of communities all over the country, and perhaps, one day, the world.


Why We Do?

Our hope is that The Smile and Nod Project will serve as a reminder that hearing loss isn’t a sentence, reminding those that do suffer the challenges are not alone. No one should feel discriminated against for the degree of hearing loss they have. It is not only ok to have your own journey, but we’d like to encourage people to share their story. Though there are no two people alike, we have multiple similarities. The more we share, the more awareness we create, the more understanding we spread.


How We Make it Happen:

50% of the proceeds that are purchased will go toward spreading awareness as well as our mission. Listen up because this involves you. We will be seeking out qualified candidates and organizations to empower financially as it relates to improving understanding and functioning in everyday environments for better communication. This could be anything from funding sign language or speech classes for an individual or family member, to funding an individual in need of hearing aids or cochlear implants.


Join us on our journey as we create and promote communication equality. Help us fund the right to understand and be understood.